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The shamanic SHadows Healing addresses:

* Calming the mind and ridding itself of mental stress and burdens
* Accessing the Higher Realms and reuniting with your Higher Self (serves as your internal guidance system) and potentially connecting with your passed Loved Ones, your Guides, Angels, Guardians, Ascended Masters, etc
* Developing a better relationship to “Self” and improving communication blockages
* Opening your heart to love by helping you De-Weed your “emotional garden” of toxic and negative emotions or states of being, as well as the experiences that created them. Then replace them with “planting” healthier emotions and states of being.
* Inner Child Healing
* Letting go of the grudges of the past and making peace with them
* Experience your primal needs being met and overall experiencing the “rebirth” of the new you.
* Experience improved immunity and physical vitality.
* Plus much more!

​The Shamanic Shadows Healing is designed to comprehensively address the most common emotional, mental and physical blockages related to each of the Major Chakras (Energy Centers) while experiencing this healing in an altered state (Some claim this state as an astral projection while others out-of-body, but it is facilitated to maintain awareness, so people usually do claim that they still feel present during this session). This guided experience accesses your subconscious “shadows”, which are the sabotaging aspects of yourself that may be hidden from your own awareness. unconscious. The overall intention of this healing session is to develop awareness of your shadow aspects of self and to first become present with them, which in and of itself, is healing when you challenge the conditioned response of your life-long, habitual coping mechanisms which have served to enable your unconscious desire to avoid pain, such as through repression, suppression, avoidance and escape. However, very much like a shadow this tendency will only accumulate more unresolved shadow aspects over time, and will follow you into adulthood, sabotaging you especially when triggers of the past are mirrored back to you in your current reality, or the chronic manifestation of dis-ease. awareness brings light to the unconscious shadows, which allows room to resolve the effects of these shadows, by seeking to make peace with them, in order to welcome an authentic state of understanding, self acceptance, and inner peace so that healing can start to take place emotionally, mentally, physically, and on a soul level.  Therefore "Letting Go" what is no longer serving you, can possibly be an emotional experience for you, however a very enlightening spiritual/mystical experience, nonetheless. You can expect to feel very light afterwards, but overall everyone’s experience is unique to them, so it’s recommended to not go in with any expectations or presumptions. The only prerequisite is to come in with an open mind and allow your experience to be your own testimonial for what is true for you. 

Shamanic Shadows Healing

Wholistic Vitality

"Unless you learn to face your own shadows, you will continue to see them in others, because the world outside you is only a reflection of the world inside you."

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate"

~Carl Jung

"To confront a person with his own shadow is to show him his own light"

~Carl Jung