Watch Allie's testimonial video of her describing her remotely facilitated Shamanic Journey Healing with Nicolle Leanne. 
In this video she discusses why she reached out to Nicolle to pursue a session and what her goals were going into the experience, as well as her expectations and skepticism. Then followed by her colorfully descriptive experience of the the Realms she explored in her Astral state and the Sentient Beings she connected with. She was given a gift by these Beings as well as insight and enlightenment that would further assist her on her Earthly path. Allie took a week to process her experience before putting together this video testimonial, that way she could fully capture the range of how she felt before, during, and after her Shamanic Journey healing session. Being an artist, she put her visionary ability to the task to illustrate what she visually experienced in her journey to share with those who might watch this video. To see more of her work you can follow her Art Therapy Inspiration on Instagram: @missalliescolors

 First session with Nicolle at Wholistic Vitality by C.S.:

"We spent the first ½ hour plus or minus discussing my intentions for seeing her and this session.

What came to mind was getting clear on what I want my life to look like moving forward from this point in time and this junction in my life. I just turned 62, my wife is retired, and we have reached all of our financial and life goals. Life is an open book at this point and I can create whatever I want my life to look like moving forward.

Should I Stay focused on business or focus more on other pursuits? Maybe retire, engage more in leisure pursuits, do more service work, spend more time on my spiritual quest? All of the above?

I also was thinking a lot of my parents and my gratitude toward them for all they have done for me.

Based on these intents we decided on a Shamanic Journey approach.

This began with taking deep breaths focusing on different areas of the body to focus these breaths on.

Next I was guided to visualize a trash can and put all my thoughts into this trash can and put a lid on it after that was done. Then a trash truck came in from the left and into my mind to pick up the trash and left through the right side of my mind.

My mind become very still and empty. At first it was challenging to completely let go and then it was similar to falling asleep as I lost awareness of my external reality. There seemed to be a void in this space. All thoughts fell away and I became open and receptive. I was still conscious but I was now comfortable with this altered reality.

The next thing I remembered was a path opening up before me. The surroundings were in shadow but I sensed I was in a lush forest in the early evening and I was a peace with my surroundings.

I was guided to sense if there was a companion or a guide around and I sensed or visualized a young female guide on my right and slightly behind me. When guided to ask her name the name Deidra is what came to me.

My next guided question was regarding my parents and if there was anything I wanted to communicate with them. I saw or visualized them in front of me smiling and content. I thanked them and expressed my gratitude to them for all they have done for me. A warm feeling of parental love came over me.

My next guided question was regarding what I want my life to look like moving forward. The path before me seemed to both become more illuminated and less in focus. There seemed to be a presence in front of me who was capable of addressing this question but it was not in a form that I could visualize.

The non-verbal answer I received was not the specifics I was looking for. The message was the specifics are not important. Work on my own spiritual growth and enlightenment. Become a more beneficial presence in this world. Release the ego and let Divine Intelligence express through me. The specifics will take care of themselves.

There was a question as to whether I should become a healer and I felt some internal resistance to this suggestion. I was thinking that my path forward is a bigger picture contribution and I saw myself with being a beneficial presence to the larger world rather than a one on one type of a healer. In later reflection this may have been my ego wanting something grander for myself.

There was also the question if my work and profession define me and creates my sense of self and worth. Is my ego attached to what I do and will I have trouble letting go of it. The answer was clearly yes. My material and professional success is clearly part of how I define myself and this is not who I am. I may need to let this go moving forward.


I was then guided or asked if I wanted to pursue past lives. I remember answering that I was open to this inquiry.

I was then guided to see if there is any connection with Nicolle in these past lives. I sensed there was although I felt some internal resistance to exploring this too deeply. It did come to me that she was Deidra and she was my guide. We have crossed paths before and have known each other in past lives. I sensed a deep friendship between us.

I felt myself drifting slowly downward and back in time. Flashing pictures blurred in my mind as I drifted back but nothing distinct. I then came softly into a room that was filled with oriental rugs and tapestries hanging from the walls. Before me was a very large form or presence. It seemed to be a sitting Buddha or a similar presence of Asian descent. When I asked his name Lao Tzu is what came into my consciousness. Regardless of who he was it was a wise and knowing being sitting in front of me. I sensed that Deidra was with me dressed in an ancient garb of a princess with many jewels. Very symbolic. I sensed that we were students of this presence.

I also sensed this figure before us represented the wisdom of the ages and this information was at our disposal. I am not sure if this was a guide or the source coming to me in the form of an Icon I could relate to as wise and knowing. When I asked how we should address him he said we should refer to him as Master.

I remember opening up my mind to his presence and then there became a direct link from him to me and all communications flowed between us on a non-verbal level. I remember taking my hands from my chest, moving them to my sides, opening them up and turning my palms upward. The flood gates opened up and the energy coming into my being was overwhelming and amazing. I felt as though I had plugged into the source. Maybe I had. This connection to perfection was also emotional. Tears of joy began creeping out of the sides of my eyes and running down the sides of my face pooling in my ears. My heart was torn open and I was connected to the unconditional love and oneness of the universe. There were stars everywhere and the universe was an open book. My rational mind and my ego was nowhere to be found.

Again I directed my questions in thought as to what my life should look like moving forward and the same answers as before flowed to me only stronger and clearer this time. In later reflection it seems to me that this was the same source from earlier in the meditation but my connection to the source was more direct and clearer. The words from my previous experience in the Amazon Jungle of total oneness came into my conciseness; “Allow me to allow you”. I need to get out of the way. I am an open conduit for Divine Intelligence to express through me. I am nothing. I do not exist. There is no ego in my way. I am one with the source. I express this source in all that I do. I am at your service.

The next thing I remember was Nicolle wanting to ask some questions when I was finished. She was wondering about her relationship with her husband and was concerned that they are not on the same spiritual path. The answer that came back was that they do not need to be. We are all on different spiritual paths and we should support each other on our individual paths. We have to be careful not to try to control our loved ones including are spouses, children and others that are significant in our lives. We are here to illuminate their paths but that the choices in life are theirs and theirs alone. Unconditional Love and support is the key to our involvement with someone else’s journey. Make no judgments. Judgments hold us all back. Loving without conditions sets us free and those closest to us.

I also remember something regarding just being receptive to guidance and do not over think or over analyze ourselves, others or any particular situation. Be receptive and open and our reality will unfold in harmony and love. Do not force or control this unfoldment.

There was also something that came up about abundance and financial issues. What came through was that source provides all our worldly needs. Open up to source and all your worldly needs and abundance will be experienced. I read a quote in a book since our session that had a new take on an old saying. “God helps those that let him”. What in thought is holding you back?

The next thing I remember was that I was overheating. My hands and arms were shaking from the energy that was coming into them and through them. I was wondering if the table I was on was heated because I was burning up. The two points on my lower back that were hurting from a recent back injury were painful from the intense heat. At the same time I felt this heat was healing these points on my back. I was also thinking that they could be were this amazing energy was finding resistance in my physical form. I was beginning to sweat from this energy or heat that was building up in my body. I relaxed into it and the experience of it and let my control go. I still continued to sweat.

Nicolle took my hands and placed them on her heart chakra. The energy that was flowing into my hands and arms then began to dissipate and be re-directed into her. This was very grounding and my physical being began to relax and cool down. I was sharing the source energy that had built up in my physical being with her. This also seemed to cut off the flow of source energy that was coming into me through my hands and arms. It was also allowing me to return to this plane of reality. It created a soft landing coming back from an intense experience.

Nicolle then began tapping my feet and slowly moved this rhythmic tapping up my body bringing me slowly back in to normal consciousness. She directed me to remember everything that I experienced on this journey and the messages received and the lessons I had learned.

I laid there exhausted and clammy. My shirt was soaked with my own sweat. I could have rolled over and fallen asleep other than my mind was beginning to race and explore deeper the meaning of what I had just experienced. It seemed like a profound dream other than I was lucid during the experience and I could remember what had happened in great detail. We began discussing what I had experienced and its meanings. This debriefing was allowing me to further access this experience and the messages it had imparted.

Rude awaking. Nicolle’s husband had text her inquiring about the timing of dinner. I ask what time it was and she said it was almost 7:30. This meditation started around 4:30. I told my wife I would be home around 6, plus or minus. My mind raced with a few expletives and I about fell off the table getting up. I thought this guided mediation had lasted for about an hour and it was closer to 3 hours. It occurred to me later that it was timeless."

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