​​Nicolle has also learned to master the principles of the Law of Attraction in order to manifest her chosen reality in tandem with her desires. Through integrating awareness and self-mastery through trial and error over the past decade, Nicolle is now teaching and sharing her acquired knowledge and wisdom to empower her clients to learn how to do the same for themselves. 

"I can help teach you the art in mastering your abilities to attract your desired reality. You too, can learn to live a meaningful life by consciously co-creating your reality on purpose!"

​​"Astrology is the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world."

Nicolle practices Reiki in the Usui System of Natural Healing in accordance with the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition, in which its a spiritual practice originated in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui. Its technique uses a "hands-on-healing" approach which transfers a "universal energy" known as qi, through the palm of the practitioners hands, and applied to the individual's seven major Chakras in the intention of aligning them into a state of equilibrium and balance. 

Besides Nicolle's attuned "healing-of-hands" technique, she also creates a sensory experience using several modalities such as: Spectro-Chrome Therapy (color light therapy), vibratory therapy and sound therapy through specifically calibrated tuning forks for each of the major Chakras, as well as crystal therapy and essential oils/ incense. Through her "hands-on" healing, she has developed a profound intuition where she has learned to connect in a spiritual manner to her client's 'Higher-Self', thereby receiving either clairvoyant or clairsentient messages on behalf of her client.

Nicolle is a Quantum Biofeedback Technician certified through The Board of Advanced Natural Health Sciences (BANHS). Biofeedback is a sophisticated technology which addresses the relationship of stressors on an individual's whole health. 

Through Biofeedback, Nicolle will submit a Main Matrix scan to the client through mild, electrical impulses, which incorporates over 10,000 energetic signatures, and records how the client responds to each signature. By doing so, she can analyze the results of the potential causes to their health impairment and energetically resend the harmonizing frequencies to help entrain the client to be in a balanced state of being. 

More than 80% of all medical conditions have been proven to be caused by stress. Unlike most Allopathic methods which mainly treats the symptoms and the body as parts, Biofeedback rather analyzes the causes in relation to stress and addresses an individual's whole health. 

The theory that Biofeedback operates from, is if you reduce or eliminate the contributing stressors, you can therefore reduce or eliminate the health impairment, disease, or illness.


Law of Attraction Coaching

Quantum Biofeedback

Reiki Chakra Balancing

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Shamanic Shadows Healing:

The Photon Sound Beam machine is cutting edge technology of modern vibrational energy medicine. It is based on the collaborated efforts and works of many revolutionary scientists of their time, such as Nikola Tesla, Royal Raymond Rife, Georges Lakhovsky, Albert Abrams, Ed Skilling, Robert Beck, and Hulda Clark.

“The Photon Sound Beam is used for;

Stimulating and strengthening the immune system
Reducing and eliminating pain
Eliminating pathogens and parasites
Oxygenation and deep tissue cleansing
Eliminating blockage and barrier issues by re-polarization of cells and molecules; separating bound cells, dissolving lumps, clots, mineral deposits, etc. by Electrical Disassociation
Opening up physical and energetic channels by moving body fluids (blood, lymph, cerebral/spinal fluid)
Re-establishing normal cellular frequency and cellular energy states (polarity)
Neutralizing negative thought forms/stagnant energy
Increasing energy levels and a clear sense of wellness
Recharging life-force energy and facilitating higher states of consciousness” 


Shamanic Journey Healing:

Shamanic Healing

​"My thoughts and beliefs create my vibration. My vibration creates my reality"

"A person's energy can tell you more about them, than their own words"​

Nicolle has an advanced understanding of Astrology from studying it at an early age of 12 and onward. She is able to give a comprehensive personality profile based on a person's birth chart, which is determined by their exact birth time. Also, she is excellent at Synastry readings as well as Predictive astrology readings. Synastry readings are designed to compare two or more birth charts together to determine the dynamics of compatibility in the relationship. Predictive astrology readings are designed to calculate how the current planetary actions relate to one's birth chart, and therefore its predictive effects on that person.

"Energetically move away from stress and illness, and head towards a future of freedom in health and wellbeing."

***DISCLAIMER*** I make no claims as to any permanent results or that one session will heal or fix all. Everyone comes in with varying discrepancies to their overall health and wellbeing, so therefore, multiple sessions might be needed to address your personal concerns, in which case you might prefer to add a consult to customize the session to your needs. You should feel a noticeable difference after one session…and anything that is lingering or needs extra addressing we can factor in to your future sessions with the Shamanic Journey Healings. Also, it’s important to make conscious lifestyle choices or changes that promote wellbeing for your experience to be even more successful for you. It is therefore up to you to maintain your higher vibrational states after your session or in between sessions. [Example: It doesn’t do your health any favors if you’re working out daily, yet eating fast food or junk foods; it is counterintuitive].

"The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence." -Nikola Tesla

Photon Sound Beam Machine

"The wound is the place where the Light enters you"​ -RUMI

Nicolle helps facilitate a Shamanic Journey for her clients based on their expressed needs and desires. Although for best results, she recommends completing the Shamanic Shadows Healing first.

Potentials of what can be experienced based on what has already been facilitated:

* Growing your vision of what you want to manifest in your reality by helping to raise your vibration to match your desires. Thus working with the Law of Attraction and being in alignment vibrationally
* "Generational Healing" with inviting in the consciousness of your ancestors as well as your descendants or future descendants to send healing there, so to clear up Karmic energetic cords
* Meeting your “Future Self” and seeing your life that is “ahead” of you and asking your “Future Self” questions or receiving advice (Remember this is never concrete as you still have the power of free will to align through your choices and will, different parallel realities.)
* Experience and explore other realms and dimensions
* Remote Viewing by putting your consciousness in another time-space reality to get information from it.
* The ability to astral travel and experience sensations of flying
* Connecting with past lives to integrate them and heal the Karmic tie to your current lifetime
* Channeling messages directly from your personal Guides, Angels, Guardians, Loved Ones, Ascended Masters, Akashic Records, etc. 
* Experiencing instantaneous creations in the higher realms where you are unlimited by the Matrix on Earth, such as “Time” being irrelevant.
* Focus on Physical Healing and noticing improvements of prior ailments or symptoms (Usually multiple sessions is necessary to have lasting effects related to physical health/wellbeing, this all depending on the existing conditions and it’s causes).

* Connecting to the consciousness of your Soul Mate by recognizing their Being-ness in order to welcome their energy into your reality. 
* So much is possible!!! Let's explore...

Energy Healing with Nicolle

Wholistic Vitality

***DISCLAIMER*** Due to FDA regulations, this device is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, cure, or mitigate illness or disease nor does this service make any claims to. If you have any health concerns it is recommended to consult with your primary physician. 

Nicolle’s abilities have since evolved deeper than Reiki Healing. Her Reiki work introduced her to the abilities to intuit the energy blockages and their related causes of her clients, as well as to receiving information from her Higher Guides. She was then guided to evolve the service to what is now called the “Shamanic Shadows Healing” which she has found to be quite transformational for her clients. With this, Nicolle facilitates a sensory experience through multiple modalities (Crystal Therapy, Sound therapy, Vibratory Therapy, Essential Oils, Smudging, and Spectro-Chrome Therapy), paired with the energy healing and her powerful guided meditation that serves as a bridge to accessing the higher realms, where healing on a soul level is able to help clients heal themselves mentally, emotionally, and physically.