Influences: willpower, assertion, action, creativity, self-expression, self-confidence, inner child, fun, ego

Located: ​stomach

Causes and effects: (physical) lower back pains, low sex drive, pelvic pains, urinary or digestive issues, prostate problems, ovarian or cervical problems, menstrual irregularities, miscarriage, STD's. (emotional) dysfunctional relationships, problems relating to others, withdrawn or overly domineering, domestic violence, rape, sexual abuse, intimacy issues, co-dependence, betrayals, trust issues, imbalance of values, poor self-esteem in relationships, feeling undesirable, manipulation of sexuality,

Influences: physical identity or survival, fear and insecurity, ambition, career, safety, stability, family, the past, childhood, relationship to money

Located: lower abdomen (below belly button)




Chakra translated through Sanskrit means "wheel" or "turning", but it is better understood as a spinning energy center or vortex. Each of the Seven Major Chakras, which are aligned up the spine, have an individual affiliation with the different physical organs and endocrine glands of the body. So when there is a disruption in "Life Force Energy" to any of these Chakras, like a weak link, a person's health can become impaired on a physical level due to the connection between these Etheric Energy Centers and the Physical. There are many factors that can disrupt, weaken, or block the flow of "Life Force Energy" to your Chakras such as: emotional or physical trauma, injury, negative thoughts and feelings, including fear, worry, doubt, anger, anxiety, or negative self-talk, toxicity, malnutrition, disease or illness in itself, dysfunctional lifestyles and relationships, lack of  self-love, or even improperly expressed emotions.  

These Energy Centers have an inborn cellular memory that links the Emotional, Physical, Mental, and Etheric together. What this means is, if you you are experiencing issues in one area such as the Emotional realm, this could then lead to stagnation in an associated Chakra, which could in turn manifest into Physical or Mental conditions ruled by that blocked Chakra. Or say you have a physical ailment, disease or condition, it can then effect you on an emotional or mental sphere, which further limits your ability to heal.

Read below to understand the relationship that each of the Chakras have on your overall health and wellbeing.

Reiki is an ancient energy healing modality that was re-discovered by Japanese Buddhist Dr. Mikao Usui in the early 20th century. ​"Re" means "Universal" and it is a general term for spirit or unseen spiritual energy, which serves as a channel for "Ki" or "Life Force Energy".  

Stress reduction and relaxation is one of the few healing benefits of Reiki. Reiki Energy Healing triggers the body's natural healing abilities in order to help improve and maintain health. Reiki is a powerful modality that balances the flow of this "Life Force Energy"  through the recipient's Seven Major Chakras.
This natural, non-invasive healing system works with the Higher Self of the Receiver to promote health and wellbeing of their entire physical, emotional and etheric body. Therefore, it is truly a system of attaining and promoting wholeness of Mind, Body and Spirit.
Reiki is a specific type of subtle energy work in which healing is performed using the "laying-of-hands" technique, allowing the flow of the energy from a limitless source (Universal/Divine Consciousness) to the Receiver via the attuned Reiki practitioner.


Reiki Chakra Balancing

Causes and effects: (physical) problems with your central nervous system and deep brain functions, exhaustion, migraines and sensitivity to light and sound, mental disorders, night terrors, entity attachments, psychic vampires. (emotionally) feelings of powerlessness, aimless, apathetic, lack of spiritual connections, materialistic, feelings of loneliness and insignificance, feeling disconnected from a higher power, feeling "stuck" or "lost", psychic attacks, feeling drained and fatigued, foggy thinking, listless, indifference, detached. 

Influences: connection to the divine, universal consciousness, higher power, Source energy, inspiration, faith, spirituality

Located: throat

Causes and effects: (physical) problems with heart, lungs, upper torso/chest; pain/injury in shoulders, arms or hands, heart attack, circulation or blood disorders, chest pains, asthma, allergies, shallow breathing, lung disorders, anemia, blood toxicity. (emotional) infidelity, emotional betrayals or trauma, inability to forgive, anger, jealousy, trust issues, emotional abuse or manipulation, feeling lost or detached, depression, mourning a loved one, sadness, lack of emotional boundaries, relationship breakups, "guarded wall" for fear of getting hurt, "broken heart", clingy or needy in partnerships, fear of being "left", dysfunctional attachments.

Influences: ​emotional identity, pleasure, sexuality and intimacy, relationships to others

Located: The base of the spine



Causes and effects: ​(physical) sleep problems, nightmares, insomnia, headaches, migraines, learning disabilities, lack of concentration or focus, brain dysfunctions, head injuries, sinuses, eye problems or ear problems, sinuses, seizures, epilepsy. (emotionally) lack concentration, impaired judgment, confusion, lack awareness or perspective, over-thinking or over-analyzing, anxiety, can't turn brain off from thinking, difficulty relaxing and quieting the mind.

Influences: imagination, inspiration, intelligence, knowledge, thinking, self-realization, rationalizing, psychic abilities, intuition, sense of purpose and direction in life

Located: the forehead

Causes and effects: ​(physical) thyroid problems, stiff neck, sore throat, swollen glands, mouth ulcers, tooth/gum problems, hearing problems, strep throat, losing your voice, mono, or sinus problems.  (Emotionally) Indecision, overly opinionated or hold opinions and feelings in, afraid to stand up for yourself or speak up, telling lies, verbally abused, submissive, keeping quiet, shy, let others dominate the conversation, afraid to be wrong, trouble hearing, fear of public speaking, lack of self-expression,

Located: ​the chest

Causes and effects: (physically) Issues with liver, pancreas, gallbladder, stomach and spleen, stomach pains/ulcers, leaky-gut syndrome, digestive disorders, diabetes, bloating, gas, adrenal imbalances, toxicity, infections from parasites, candida, amoeba, bacteria, or viral, heavy metal toxicity. (emotional) anxiety and excessive worry, depression, poor self-esteem, lack of self-love, either overly wild and reckless or overly responsible, poor social skills, fear of rejection, failure or humiliation, improper use of ego, lack creative outlets and forms of expression, lack boundaries or too rigid, negative self-talk, victimization, shame or guilt.

Causes and effect: (physically) fatigue, insomnia, lower back pain, sciatica, constipation, rectal or colon problems, depression, immune or bone disorders, obesity or eating disorders, foot and leg pains/injuries, prostate problems. (emotional) anger, inability to let go of the past, family discord, childhood traumas, poor sense of identity, dysfunctional relationship to money and power, workaholic, fears, phobias, and insecurities.


Energy Healing with Nicolle

Wholistic Vitality

Located: ​the top of the head

Influences: communication, self-expression, truthfulness, integrity, standing up for beliefs

Influences: issues of love, compassion, and belonging, commitment, emotional expression, trust, empathy