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Headaches and Migraines:

Headaches and migraines are usually caused by stress, though in some cases there is a biological agent of cause, but even then stress is the cause underlying the biological dysfunction, and even then headaches and migraines are a major cause of stress. 


​Caused by lack of water intake; excessive sweating; diarrhea; excessive urination; drinking too much coffee or carbonated soft drinks; or eating too much junk food.

​Dehydration will impair the body's to absorb nutrients and oxygen on a cellular level, thereby causing stress.

If the individual can rid themselves of their stressors, then they are capable of letting their body heal itself.

​Quantum Biofeedback is a holistic and alternative modality of energy medicine that uses advanced technology to gauge a client's many stressors. ​The SCIO Biofeedback device utilizes conductive ankle and wrist straps and a head harness, which submits mild electrical impulses that measure skin temperature, known as Electro Dermal Response. After the calibration process, the practitioner will initiate the Electro Dermal Response stress reaction test, which measures the client's subtle energetic reactions to over 10,000 different trivector energetic signatures, with results displaying in the SCIO computer software interface, known as the main matrix. Based on these results, the Biofeedback practitioner will address the corresponding stressors, by attempting to entrain them through biofeedback with their harmonizing counterpart frequencies, to help the client's ability to learn how to be in and maintain a homeostasis state of being.

Unlike traditional allopathic methods which treat the individual's symptoms, Biofeedback instead addresses the 'whole' health of the individual, by recognizing the many different contributing stressors that are causing their health to become impaired. 

It is no secret tbat stress is the main precursor or cause of many mental and physical diseases and conditions. The theory behind Biofeedback is that if the client can reduce or eliminate their many different stressors, then in turn, the client's body can learn to heal itself. 


"The next big frontier in medicine is energy medicine"

-Dr. Oz


Other Stressors:

Relationship problems, fungi and fungal infections, irradiation, lack of sleep, microwave radiation, overworking, pain, parasites, loss of a loved one, prescription drugs, psychological conditions, diseases, or disorders; etc. 

Nutritional Deficiencies:

Nutritional Deficiencies are known to cause stress whether it is caused by disease, disorders, poor nutrition, or poor absorption of nutrients. 

Genetically Modified Food:

Genetically altered foods are known to cause asthma; attention problems; balance problems; behavioral problems; concentration problems; digestive problems; libido problems; memory problems; metabolic problems; sexual and perceptual disorders and dysfunctions. 

Financial Issues:

Financial problems are a major burden of stress and potential turmoil, related to debt; strenuous bills; bankruptcy; foreclosures; job loss; homeless; etc.

​Emotional Issues:

​Whether unresolved, being resolved, or already resolved have all proven to be major causes of stress.


Including: tobacco smoke; aromatic oils, automobile emissions; caffeine; coffee; dander; latex; pollen; smoke; toxic chemical residues; pollution

Allergens cause stress by reducing bodily functions and mental energy, causing lethargy and combating the immune system,thereby creating stress.

"The National Institute of Health claims that 80% of all medical conditions are created by stress"

Energy Healing with Nicolle

Quantum Biofeedback

Heavy Metals:

Heavy metals including arsenic, mercury, and lead are all implicated in bone,  bone marrow, brain, circulatory system, ear, eye, gallbladder, heart, intestinal, kidney, lung, liver, lymphatic system, pituitary, pancreatic, skin, spleen, throat, thyroid, thymus, and other physiological problems, thereby causing stress. Vaccinations.

​Bacteria and Viruses:

​Bacterial and Viral infections reduce the effectiveness of the immune system, slow down bodily functions, reduce the supply of nutrients and reduce mental and bodily functions; thereby causing stress. 

Three Phases of Stress Response

​Endocrinologist Hans Selye (1907-1982), whom coined the term "stress", discovered the relationship of stress being the main precursor leading to infection,  illness, disease and death. His observations led him to the model regarding General Adaptation Syndrome, which presented the three predictable stages of stress: alarm, adaptation, and exhaustion.


In this stage is where the individual's body has an initial reaction to a stress stimulus, which activates the 'fight or flight' reaction, after the body assimilates the stressor as a danger or threat. In this instance is where the body releases "stress" hormones such as adrenaline, noradrenaline, and cortisol. In these high stress states, the individual becomes predisposed to the risks of having a stroke, heart attack, or brain damage due to the quick rise of blood pressure, which also decreases the effectiveness of the immune system, leaving the individual susceptible to illness. 


​If this initial stress continues, the body learns to adapt to the stressors it is exposed to. This is where the body might stop showing symptoms to the stressor due to adapting to it, which in turn any underlying damage created by the corresponding stressor, goes largely unnoticed symptomatically and physiologically, regardless of the actual damage being done. For example: When a person smokes a cigarette for the first time, they are likely to cough and hack at the invasion of the smoke entering their lungs as a foreign entity. If the individual continues to smoke regardless of their "Alarm" reaction, eventually their body will adapt to it, and will no longer cough and hack when smoking a cigarette. But the biggest misconception in health care is that if you are symptom free, you are in turn healthy...this is FALSE. The damage continues to be done to a person's lungs when continuing to smoke, its just a matter of when the lungs will give out due to accumulative stressor overload, leading to possible lung cancer or other severe outcomes. 


​In this stage, is where the stressor has continued for some time. Over time the body's resistance to stress may be reduced or may collapse quickly. What this generally means is that the body's immunity and resistance to disease or illness, may be close to being completely eliminated. People with chronic and long term stress may succumb to severe infections or conditions and heart attacks due to their reduced immunity.

It is also important to note, that although the Alarm, Adaptation and Exhaustion response all reflect Hans Selye's model of the predictive stress stages, he also noted in his observations that not all stress is bad and not everyone copes with the same stressors the same way. For example: One person might excel in extreme athletics and function well under these adrenaline producing activities, whereas someone else might not cope the same way and might crumble under that same stressor. 

Medical Conditions, Disorders, and Diseases:

Medical conditions, disorders, and diseases are all known to cause stress, whether it is diagnosed or not, whether it's being treated or not, and whether or not there is improvement. 

Fast Food:

Fast food and including hydrogenated fats; trans fats; artificial sweetening agents; artificial taste enhancers; artificial coloring agents; artificial appetite appeasers; artificial aromatic agents; and artificial preservatives are all toxic to the human organism, thereby causing stress.


​Cleaning agents; fungicides; pesticides; herbicides; growth hormones; paints; and most man-made chemicals.

​Chemicals attack the immune system, impair breathing and intake of oxygen; reduces the body's ability to absorb nutrients and raises acidity in bodily cells, thereby creating stress.

​Stress may result from a large number of factors, including but not limited to:

image credit: Aaron Mountain (Projekt Seahorse)

Low Self Concept:

Low self concept, whether caused by emotional; bacterial, fungal, or viral infections; poor nutrition; toxic chemicals; hormone imbalance; or other means is known to cause stress . 


Over-exertion with exercise or exertion of any kind, has shown to cause stress.