"Hi my name is Nicolle Leanne and if you are reading this right now, then it is no fault in our stars that we have aligned synchronistically today.

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I started studying astrology at age 12 due to a long-time yearning for my self-discovery and my purpose in life. This would then became my tool to understanding others in my world as well as compatibility. Like the depths of the ocean, once I dove into the studies of astrology, I learned that there was no bottom or end to this ocean of knowledge. I learned that everyone's individual birth chart is based on their exact birth time, therefore their birth chart being just as unique to that person as their fingerprint. I became fascinated in the synastry of astrology, not just for the sake of compatibility, but more-so to understand everyone's unique differences of why they are the way they are. I found that even in contradictions, everyone carried unique "ingredients" to their personality, that would often contradict in their own mannerisms. Therefore, I came to believe that no one is just "black and white"...they are colorful, and their individual birth chart is able to paint that picture! 

​The continuous delving into this system of divination, I started learning how to practice predictive astrology, which would compare a person's natal birth chart to the planetary movements, and interpret how its effects would show up as certain trends in the individual's life. At first, astrology lent a hand in coping with life's curve balls, in beginning to understand why we would experience certain inconveniences....was it Mercury Retrograde; or was Saturn teaching some life lesson??

I had initially understood the planetary actions and related effects to be unavoidable and so-called "predestined" if you will....until I stumbled upon a "secret" that would forever change my life: The Law of Attraction. 

Due to my introduction to the Law of Attraction, I now believe that everyone has the capabilities of manifesting and co-creating their own reality. They are no-longer the victims of circumstance and my study of astrology had to adapt this new information.

Thus, the power of the will took a new meaning for me on the path of discovery. I maintained that the energies of the planets did still have profound effects in life circumstances, but I realized that instead of putting on the armor to protect against adverse planetary actions per se, I could instead transform the energies by virtue of thought and belief alone, to work with the planetary energies. And this gave way to the power of will and intention.

I, myself, have practiced and mastered the ability to manifest my own reality, since being introduced to the Law of Attraction over a decade ago. It has completely changed my life for the better, because now I create my reality consciously, rather than being a victim to circumstance.

It is important to take accountability for your thoughts and beliefs in order to reap the rewards of this powerful Universal Law to transform your world, hopefully for the better. By doing so, a self-awareness takes place, and therefore the ability to consciously recognize self-defeating thoughts and beliefs, that may inhibit the outcome of your desires.

What really empowered my abilities with manifesting and co-creating my reality, was when I was gifted a course in Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing. These were mind-entrainment courses which would showcase the concepts of "mind-over-matter" when being entrained to reach certain brainwave states, reserved for Master Yogis, in order to project your consciousness into Out-of-body experiences in the astral realms. It was therefore possible to experience being in other time/space realities and even being able to master my mind to co-create on purpose.

One night of meditating on my intentions, I experienced an intense level of a meditative state, where it spontaneously projected me out-of-body. I could feel my whole body vibrate at such an intense rate that I could also hear the buzzing sound of these vibrations, that felt and sounded all-consuming. Well, that night's specific and even superficial intentions came true in regards to a specific person that I intended to come into my life, and it happened that very next night! I was fascinated by how fast and quick I was able to attract this intention, and was even more fascinated by the correlation to my vibratory experience, in which I was fully "One" with this energy.


My curiosity wet my appetite, as I delved deeper in the thirst for more knowledge and understanding regarding this energy. This search led me to Reiki, which is a 'hands-on" energy healing approach that deals with the body's main seven chakra system. I became certified as a Reiki practitioner, where I was able to feel that universal and divine energy pour through my hands, and help relieve people's subtle-etheric field from stagnated or dysfunctionally expressed or not expressed emotions, and seeing and sensing the effects of this in the individual. 

Now, another modality which was pivotal to my spiritual growth early on in life, was when my Mother and Grandmother introduced me to a modality nicknamed "The Glass", which is a tool to connect to Spirit World. I was 13 when they had me explore this method of connection to the realms beyond. This allowed me to connect to deceased Loved ones as well as my Higher Guides. However the more, I used this tool, I would begin to have the messages being channeled in my mind, and then being spelled out. 

This would later be what I'd experience during my client's Reiki sessions, where I would receive profound intuitive messages regarding my clients and the key to their healing.....

My next step along my journey was when I started taking an interest in health, and also the learned misconceptions related to traditional health care. I felt that there had to be more of a correlation with energy and health care, due to my experience with Reiki and its positive effects on people. 

Again I was on a longing search for more purpose and meaning, as I stunted any progress of purposefully manifesting my desires because I started to no longer know what it was I wanted. All the superficial things that I attracted effortlessly, no longer was intriguing to me. I was lost and directionless. So I turned this longing for purpose to the universe with the intentions that I would be directed to my soul purpose....

While on my search for the ideal vocation for me, I got introduced to Quantum Biofeedback. Quantum Biofeedback is a holistic and alternative modality that sends energy healing through an advanced technology. This modality looks at the "whole" health of the individual in direct relationship to a variety of stressors which impact a person's health adversely. This is an incredible technology that's used for pain management, relaxation training, brainwave entrainment, stress reduction, and muscle reeducation.

After receiving my technician certification for Quantum Biofeedback, I opened up my business Wholistic Vitality and incorporated all the above acquired tools as provided services. 

However as fate would have it, the intuitive guidance I was channeling regarding my clients for Reiki sessions, then began to evolve into a new healing modality that I downloaded from my Higher Guides, which we now call the Shamanic Shadows Healing. This has proven to be very powerful and transformational for my clients. This is healing that allows my clients to connect personally to their own Guides, Angels, Guardians, and deceased loved ones. This healing would then address the "shadow" aspects of self in order to help my clients release what was no longer serving them

Now, I'm capturing Spirit Orb video footage during their sessions, showing proof of the Light Beings that they claim to be connecting with.

As far as follow up sessions to the Shamanic Shadows Healing, is the Shamanic Journey Healing where I'm still discovering what is possible, as we explore the endless possibilities. 

I look forward to working with you!

Light, Love and Blessings,

​Nicolle Leanne

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